Welcome to PURE MINECRAFT US ! A server Minecraft very free! This is a Minecraft server without mods, you play the original game ! Thank you for not cheating. Public server and unofficial versions denied. You can do what you want ! No admins, no modos, no ban! This is anarchy! The map is unlimited! No restrictions! It's free! by non-admin ;) The server in a few words & figures: Opened May 8, 2012 Seed : Glacier Size of the world : Unlimited Ram : 512Mb Storage : 50Go -> Public Server -> Anarchical and survivial ! -> No Registration -> No modos, no ban -> Only official version -> No Mods -> No Advertising on the server -> Everything is permitted! No restrictions! -> Have fun on Pure Minecraft ;) Copyright (c) 2010 - 2012, Progiaserv.net - All rights reserved. Help us! Help us pay the server by making a donation! We need to keep the server open! Don’t forget to vote for the server to make us know! Thank you !       Server address : gs3.progiaserv.net:25600
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